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13.20 - Weaving of textiles

This class includes weaving of textiles. This can be done from varying raw materials, such as silk, wool, other animal, vegetable or man-made fibres, paper or glass etc. This class includes: - manufacture of broad woven cotton-type, woollen-type, worsted-type or silk-type fabrics, including from mixtures or artificial or synthetic yarns (polypropylene etc.) - manufacture of other broad woven fabrics, using flax, ramie, hemp, jute, bast fibres and special yarns

This class excludes: - manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics, see 13.91 - manufacture of textile floor coverings, see 13.93 - manufacture of non-woven fabrics, see 13.95 - manufacture of narrow fabrics, see 13.96 - manufacture of felts, see 13.99