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60.20 - Television programming and broadcasting activities

This class includes the creation of a complete television channel programme, from purchased programme components (e.g. movies, documentaries etc.), self produced programme components (e.g. local news, live reports) or a combination thereof. This complete television programme can be either broadcast by the producing unit or produced for transmission by a third party distributor, such as cable companies or satellite television providers. The programming may be of a general or specialised nature (e.g. limited formats such as news, sports, education or youth oriented programming). This class includes programming that is made freely available to users, as well as programming that is available only on a subscription basis. The programming of video-on-demand channels is also included here.

This class excludes: - the production of television programme elements (movies, documentaries, talk shows, commercials etc.) not associated with broadcasting, see 59.11 - the assembly of a package of channels and distribution of that package, without programming, see division 61