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71.20 - Technical testing and analysis

This class includes the performance of physical, chemical and other analytical testing of all types of materials and products, such as: . acoustics and vibration testing . testing of composition and purity of minerals etc. . testing activities in the field of food hygiene, including veterinary testing and control in relation to food production . testing of physical characteristics and performance of materials, such as strength, thickness, durability, radioactivity etc. . qualification and reliability testing . performance testing of complete machinery: motors, automobiles, electronic equipment etc. . radiographic testing of welds and joints . failure analysis . testing and measuring of environmental indicators: air and water pollution etc. - certification of products, including consumer goods, motor vehicles, aircraft, pressurised containers, nuclear plants etc. - periodic road-safety testing of motor vehicles - testing with use of models or mock-ups (e.g. of aircraft, ships, dams etc.) - operation of police laboratories

This class excludes: - testing of animal specimens, see 75.00 - diagnostic imaging, testing and analysis of medical and dental specimens, see 86