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93.29 - Other amusement and recreation activities

This class includes activities related to entertainment and recreation (except amusement parks and theme parks) not elsewhere classified: - operation (exploitation) of coin-operated games - activities of recreation parks (without accommodation) - operation of recreational transport facilities, e.g. marinas - operation of ski hills - rental of leisure and pleasure equipment as an integral part of recreational facilities - fairs and shows of a recreational nature - activities of beaches, including rental of facilities such as bathhouses, lockers, chairs etc. - operation of dance floors

This class excludes: - operation of teleferics, funiculars, ski and cable lifts, see 49.39 - fishing cruises, see 50.10, 50.30 - provision of space and facilities for short stay by visitors in recreational parks and forests and campgrounds, see 55.30 - trailer parks, recreational camps, hunting and fishing camps, campsites and campgrounds, see 55.30 - discotheques, see 56.30 - theatrical and circus groups, see 90.01