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22.19 - Manufacture of other rubber products

This class includes: - manufacture of other products of natural or synthetic rubber, unvulcanised, vulcanised or hardened: . rubber plates, sheets, strip, rods, profile shapes . tubes, pipes and hoses . rubber conveyor or transmission belts or belting . rubber hygienic articles: sheath contraceptives, teats, hot water bottles etc. . rubber articles of apparel (if only sealed together, not sewn) . rubber sole and other rubber parts of footwear . rubber thread and rope . rubberised yarn and fabrics . rubber rings, fittings and seals . rubber roller coverings . inflatable rubber mattresses . inflatable balloons - manufacture of rubber brushes - manufacture of hard rubber pipe stems - manufacture of hard rubber combs, hair pins, hair rollers, and similar

This class excludes: - manufacture of tyre cord fabrics, see 13.96 - manufacture of apparel of elastic fabrics, see 14.14, 14.19 - manufacture of rubber footwear, see 15.20 - manufacture of glues and adhesives based on rubber, see 20.52 - manufacture of "camelback" strips, see 22.11 - manufacture of inflatable rafts and boats, see 30.11, 30.12 - manufacture of mattresses of uncovered cellular rubber, see 31.03 - manufacture of rubber sports requisites, except apparel, see 32.30 - manufacture of rubber games and toys (including children's wading pools, inflatable children rubber boats, inflatable rubber animals, balls and the like), see 32.40 - reclaiming of rubber, see 38.32