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20.14 - Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals

This class includes the manufacture of chemicals using basic processes, such as thermal cracking and distillation. The output of these processes are usually separate chemical elements or separate chemically defined compounds. This class includes: - manufacture of basic organic chemicals: . acyclic hydrocarbons, saturated and unsaturated . cyclic hydrocarbons, saturated and unsaturated . acyclic and cyclic alcohols . mono- and polycarboxylic acids, including acetic acid . other oxygen-function compounds, including aldehydes, ketones, quinones and dual or poly oxygen-function compounds . synthetic glycerol . nitrogen-function organic compounds, including amines . fermentation of sugarcane, corn or similar to produce alcohol and esters . other organic compounds, including wood distillation products (e.g. charcoal) etc. - manufacture of synthetic aromatic products - distillation of coal tar

This class excludes: - manufacture of plastics in primary forms, see 20.16 - manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms, see 20.17 - manufacture of crude glycerol, see 20.41 - manufacture of natural essential oils, see 20.53 - manufacture of salicylic and O-acetylsalicylic acids, see 21.10