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25.99 - Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.

This class includes: - manufacture of metal household articles: . flatware: plates, saucers etc. . hollowware: pots, kettles etc. . dinnerware: bowls, platters etc. . saucepans, frying pans and other non-electrical utensils for use at the table or in the kitchen . small hand-operated kitchen appliances and accessories . metal scouring pads - manufacture of building components of zinc: gutters, roof capping, baths, sinks, washbasins and similar articles - manufacture of metal goods for office use, except furniture - manufacture of safes, strongboxes, armoured doors etc. - manufacture of various metal articles: . ship propellers and blades thereof . anchors . bells . assembled railway track fixtures . clasps, buckles, hooks . metal ladder . metal signs, including road signs - manufacture of foil bags - manufacture of permanent metallic magnets - manufacture of metal vacuum jugs and bottles - manufacture of metal badges and metal military insignia - manufacture of metal hair curlers, metal umbrella handles and frames, combs

This class excludes: - manufacture of swords, bayonets, see 25.71 - manufacture of shopping carts, see 30.99 - manufacture of metal furniture, see 31.01, 31.02, 31.09 - manufacture of sports goods, see 32.30 - manufacture of games and toys, see 32.40