28.11 - Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines

This class includes: - manufacture of internal combustion piston engines, except motor vehicle, aircraft and cycle propulsion engines: . marine engines . railway engines - manufacture of pistons, piston rings, carburettors and such for all internal combustion engines, diesel engines etc. - manufacture of inlet and exhaust valves of internal combustion engines - manufacture of turbines and parts thereof: . steam turbines and other vapour turbines . hydraulic turbines, waterwheels and regulators thereof . wind turbines . gas turbines, except turbojets or turbo propellers for aircraft propulsion - manufacture of boiler-turbine sets - manufacture of turbine-generator sets - manufacture of engines for industrial application

This class excludes: - manufacture of electric generators (except turbine generator sets), see 27.11 - manufacture of prime mover generator sets (except turbine generator sets), see 27.11 - manufacture of electrical equipment and components of internal combustion engines, see 29.31 - manufacture of motor vehicle, aircraft or cycle propulsion engines, see 29.10, 30.30, 30.91 - manufacture of turbojets and turbo propellers, see 30.30